Best Service is Our Motto

Companies operating in a dynamic business environment are incessantly caught in a vortex of ever-changing market pressures and customer needs. To stay competitive, businesses have to make their systems more responsive by investing in time and cost-effective applications that help them address functional gaps and achieve business goals. Besides packaged software, businesses also require custom-built solutions to accommodate specific business needs and operational requirements.

United Strings is a value-added IT services partner for businesses looking beyond mere cost savings. United String’s Application Development practice offers a suite of methodologies and frameworks which combined with its vast critical domain and technical expertise provides the best balance in terms of cost, agility, manegement and quality for building applications that meet business requirements.

United Strings BPO/ITES started with non-voice operations for local clients and grew up its competencies to handle voice and IT enabled services in a faster pace. Today United Strings BPO/ITES supports Clients' from Canada, US, UK & Local clients across India in the fields of Consumer and Business Technical support, Customer Care Service, Digitization, Market Research & Survey (KPO), Data Transcription & many more for our esteemed clients.

IT Enabled Services has drastically increased over years. It is more being recognized not merely as a tool of cost reduction but is also being considered as a management tool for achieving higher organizational effectiveness.

IT Enabled Services is a revolutionary IT offshoot which can look after all outsourcing needs whether it's Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Finance & Accounting services, Transcription/Translation services, Data Processing, Document Handling or Call Centers. Outsourcing helps organization to focus on developing its core business. Outsourcing integrates all the tasks that are not part of the organization's main line activity or core process and streamlines business processes by improving operating performance, increase efficiency, productivity and control cost in order to help management better focus on increasing sales and market share, developing new and improved products and enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

An organization can undergo the following benefits by outsourcing their processes:

  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Increase flexibility & capacity
  • Enhance overall performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Manage security, privacy & risk
  • Increase market share & revenues
  • Improve productivity & operating efficiency
  • Control cost through significant reductions
  • Better process maturity & resource flexibility

We provide hybrid services to unlock business value by applying proven process methodologies and business excellence frameworks to significantly reduce costs, enhance effectiveness and optimize business processes.

United Strings BPO is an end-to-end outsourcing provider with an extensive portfolio of services to offer.

Data Related Support

  • Data Entry, Verification & Validation
  • Data Scrapping
  • Data Conversion

Technical Support

  • Technical support for consumers
  • Technical support for Businesses
  • Helpdesk related services
  • Chat based support
  • Multi-lingual based support

Knowledge and Services

  • Market Research / Survey
  • Market & Demand Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Research
  • ITES Consulting
  • Lead Generation

Order Management and Procurement

  • Order & Lead  Generation
  • Order Acceptance & Maintenance
  • Order Processing
  • Vendor Authorization
  • Procurement, Purchasing & Payment Services

Customer Care Services

  • Inbound Customer Service   & Technical Support
  • Billing Helpdesk
  • HR Services
  • Sales Support
  • E-Commerce Support
  • Collections
  • Internal Services Helpdesk
  • Sales Promote/Appointment Setting
  • Chat, emailing, Fax Service

Website Services and Others

  • Web Designing
  • Online Sales & Marketing
  • Supporting e-Commerce Transactions
  • Others
  • Digitization Services

New service

Service innovation is a new or significantly improved service concept that is taken into practice A service innovation always includes replicable elements that can be identified and systematically reproduced in other cases or environments. Our innovation benefits both the service producer and customers and it improves its developer’s competitive edge. In services however, the innovation does not necessarily relate to the novelty of the technology itself but the innovation often lies in the non-technological areas. Service innovations can for instance be new solutions in the customer interface, new distribution methods, novel application of technology in the service process, new forms of operation with the supply chain or new ways to organize and manage services.

unique services

A completely integrated information and communication technology infrastructure connects United Strings worldwide operations, enabling a seamless flow of information between United Strings and its alliance members and customers.