Clear Communication Retains Customers

Who do your customers expect to speak with when they call your business? Does your customer hang up, annoyed, realizing they're trapped in a lengthy, inefficient sales script delivered in a hard-to-understand accent? Customer satisfaction survey results illustrate that caller opinions trend downward when they realize they're not speaking directly with the business. At United Strings, all our agents receive extensive training in western culture and language usage and accent reduction lessons. They make your customers feel like they are directly talking to the business and are not encountering any offshore agents.

Cultural Affinity Connects Callers with Your Business

We at United Strings maintain a total Western culture in terms of language, accent and virtual environment. When you're choosing outsourcers, consider approaching outsourcing decisions from the callers' point of view. Client relationships are especially important when businesses are competing heavily for every sale during slower periods. Our agents know how to build friendly selling relationships that lead to customer retention and sales growth. They naturally connect with their callers through a shared culture, and a shared language. Good agent skills involve more than instinct, but also rely on each background and sales experience. Our staff can navigate the details of your account with friendly efficiency, allowing the natural flow of sales or support conversations. These skills are partly learned, and partly earned through experience of working in our company.

Call Center Outsourcing Assures Success

How do your outsourcing decisions affect customer retention rates, and which choices are going to grow sales? Business realize that their clients are spending differently, and when they're willing to spend, they're researching every potential purchase and resisting the urge to buy on impulse. This means that everything your call center does needs to keep your caller's attention. Our customer service and sales experience emphasizes the connection between your company and your customer. Overall, we provide better communication between each skilled agent and your customer. Our agent guides your customers efficiently and quickly through questions and offer solutions that directly speak to their needs. When companies choose to hires us, the choice results in better overall customer satisfaction, sales growth and increased savings.